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Hey guys! So sorry for the lack of posting. I have been ever so busy with school, and all the free time i have has been spent sewing my halloween costume or the softies for the arts fair coming up that me and maddy will have a booth at. Ill post some pictures after the fair! It's next weekend, and I really don't know how on earth I will get all the softies done!! 

Anyway. Yesterday me and my friends went to the thrift store in search of their halloween costumes, and i came across some shoes. Apparently, they are Vivienne Westwood, and someone had bought them at a department store for some hundreds of dollars and then sold them to the thrift store. And I got them for only $10. Is that a great find or WHAT? And they are barely even worn. 

I think they are super cool! They are jelly material and they kind of remind me of aliens. 
I am wearing them with my halloween costume.
Im going to be a butterfly! 
Pics will be up ASAP! tomorrow, if i have time. :)

Bye guys!!!



Gorgeous Creatures

Well, I haven't done an outfit post in a while.


Savannah helped me soo much on this outfit. I dont think I could have done this amount of craziness and layering on my own. Remember, I am pretty new to this. And this outfit is pretty insane. 


That. THAT is a Gorgeous Creature. A doll from the 70's. Head of an animal, body of a barbie doll. Pretty wicked, right? There are four Gorgeous Creatures, a pig, a horse, a cow, and a hippo. You can collect 'em all! Maddy bought 5 at a garage sale, one of each animal, plus an extra pig, so she gave the pig to me. And she might be giving the horse to Savy, I think. Isn't it just SUPER creepy?