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Lets take a minute to discuss

'Lets Take a Minute to Discuss' is a new segment on Meera's blog, Meeroar. It is hosted every other Saturday. It is where she will be discussing random topics in fashion, TV, music, or just in the world. Meera's first LTAMTD will be this saturday, AKA tomorrow. So check it out! Hers is on typos.  



Havana Nights

This is my personal nail polish collection. Mostly OPI, sephora by OPI, and nicole by OPI. But the 2 on the right are Sally Hansen. Its not that big of a collection. I need moooooore!!! I am a nail polish fiend. 

Below is the new Havana Nights collection by Sephora by OPI. They are such beautiful colors, perfect for summer. And they go together so well! Ah. I will be adding at least 3 of these to my nail polish collection, as soon as i get home. It's too bad they didn't come out before I left, it would have been so perfect for the beach!!! I've been in Florida since June 4th, btw. Ah! I'm getting home on Saturday, I can't wait! 
My favorites are Caliente Coral, Carribean Cocktail. I also like Teal We Meet Again, but I already have a color similar to that from the previous Mermaid collection. 

Spicy orange

Bronze shimmer

Shimmering deep blue green

Ocean blue with silver shimmer

Light jade green

Pale sky blue

If I don't get some of these, I might just die! Toodle-loo!


Summer Lovin'

~Zac Posen for Target swimsuit,  Juicy Couture cover-up, Anthropologie sunnies, vintage sunhat~

St. George Island, Florida. No oil yet, but it's coming. Hopefully it will stay away until I go home... 


DIY ribbon belt

I recently found this super cool vintage ribbon in some old boxes, and wanted to make something out of it. It was fairly large ribbon, maybe 3 inches wide. So this is what I did. >>>

Belt Buckle
Sewing Machine

1. Measure your waist.
2. Cut ribbon the length of waist +2 inches.
3. Fold ribbon in half. (Optional)
4. Sew along the edges of ribbon.
5. Attach belt buckle by threading ribbon through, about one inch, and sewing to secure.
6. Repeat on other side. 
7. Try it on, and Voila! You have a fun, colorful belt! 

It doesn't really keep your pants from falling down, but it's a fun accessory! 



I really wanted to do some kind of hairstyle thing for a post. Unfortunately, my hair is too short to do anything interesting with:( But yay for me, my sister Katie has the most gorgeous, thick, long, red, wavy, shiny hair ever. So she let me use it.... hehe:) 

Once again, you can check out Katie's blog here! wink wink ;)


There's grass in your laptop

I am in a carefree, summery mood, which (with a little help with my friends from Madeline and Sophie) inspired this outfit. >>

~anthropologie top, guess shorts, calvin klein sandals, american eagle rings, vintage charm bracelet, vintage sun hat, unknown faux diamond earrings~
this is just katie, messing around with the camera
you can check out her blog here..