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Fringe Festival

Since i'm going to high school in two weeks, I decided to get a new do. The above picture was ripped out of the August 2010 issue of Teen Vogue. That was supposed to be my inspiration..... can you see the resemblance?
Anyway, I am leaving town on saturday, and will be there until next monday (the 2nd) so no posts until then! So sorry, as there is no internet (or cell service(how will i survive?!?!))
I will be going to our mountain cabin :)
I have some fun posts planned for my return.

Bye for now, happy rest of summer!
School gets back on august 9th.
I am dreading it.


Faerie Bubbles

~Anthropologie dress, Urban Outfitters hair clip, handmade collages hair clip, borrowed pearl earrings, faux pearl bracelet, old gold and pearl necklace, American Eagle rings~


Biker Chic

~ Borrowed jacket, H&M dress worn as a shirt, H&M shorts, thrifted Steve Madden shoes, borrowed sun hat~


the scarf-tan-ette: DIY project from the Glamourai

Kelly of The Glamourai just did this amazing DIY post that i had to try. She calls it a "scarf-tan-ette",  because its a scarf dress, but its also like a caftan. 
The directions to make this cool little ensemble are here.
Here is my attempt:
Instead of 2 straps, i used the two chains to make one double strap. 
I used a red/white/gold scarf for the front of the dress, and a blue/gold scarf for the front. I liked the blue, red and gold color scheme, especially with the gold jewelry. 
~DIY scarf dress, thrifted chain necklace worn as a belt, earrings borrowed from mom, DKNY heels~


Garden Girl

~Old Navy tee, Delia's cardigan, Forever 21 jeans, Urban Outfitters shoes, borrowed belt, Nordstrom necklace, Nordstrom bangles~
Jemima and Stella, my two crazy chocolate labs


Havana Nights part deux

YAY. That is all I can say. Becuase GUESS WHAT? I got some nail polish!!!! (I know what your thinking, how can someone get so excited over a simple of a thing as nail polish? But, that is me. I love it.)
I got:
Rumba Romace. Which, as you can see, is on my fingernails.
Read My Palm. Which is on my toes.
I am excited.


Uncommon goods

Yesterday me and Katie went THRIFTING!!! I was very pleased with the outcome. My gatherings included~
I saw this piggy bank from afar, and I had to get a closer look. And, alas! The piggy bank had my name written on its forehead. I guess we were meant to be.

These cool sunglasses. 

These were by far my favorite find. They are adorable, and shiny, and Steve Madden! Hip hip hooray! 
I wore them to dinner last night:

Thrifting total: $11


Hao Yu doin'?

I love these shoes. I just got them. They are from Urban Outfitters, and they are 2 pair for $20 (I also got a pair of black ones). And they are Chinese. Not just Made In China, but the brand is Chinese, and there is Chinese writing on the soles.


Guest Post: Meera from Meeroar

Hi, this is Meera from Meeroar. And today I will be doing a guest post for Anna's blog!

Since my blog is mostly about different things, but I like to focus on YA books, I think I will try to mix it up a bit by talking about fashion! I don't know much about fashion, but I can try, right?

If you've seen Anna's last post, you'll know all about our excursion with my closet. Basically we layered ourselves silly. But it wasn't that easy. It took a long time to layer and look good. So keep that in mind when you do layer. You want to look good.

And you do not want to be hot. Hot as in temperature hot. Because that first outfit was making me all sweaty.

So it is also important to layer colors:

A rainbow outfit can look cool. 

But you can also try staying with a color scheme.

Layer a bunch of browns

Layer dark colors
Layer light clothes, or socks.
Or try using clothes differently:
Wear two skirts! Or use one skirt to add volume under another...
Fold sleeves up, or layer jackets.
Wear tights! or leggings!

You can always make a cool outfit, just rummage through your closet!

Have fun!