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Hey guys! So sorry for the lack of posting. I have been ever so busy with school, and all the free time i have has been spent sewing my halloween costume or the softies for the arts fair coming up that me and maddy will have a booth at. Ill post some pictures after the fair! It's next weekend, and I really don't know how on earth I will get all the softies done!! 

Anyway. Yesterday me and my friends went to the thrift store in search of their halloween costumes, and i came across some shoes. Apparently, they are Vivienne Westwood, and someone had bought them at a department store for some hundreds of dollars and then sold them to the thrift store. And I got them for only $10. Is that a great find or WHAT? And they are barely even worn. 

I think they are super cool! They are jelly material and they kind of remind me of aliens. 
I am wearing them with my halloween costume.
Im going to be a butterfly! 
Pics will be up ASAP! tomorrow, if i have time. :)

Bye guys!!!



Gorgeous Creatures

Well, I haven't done an outfit post in a while.


Savannah helped me soo much on this outfit. I dont think I could have done this amount of craziness and layering on my own. Remember, I am pretty new to this. And this outfit is pretty insane. 


That. THAT is a Gorgeous Creature. A doll from the 70's. Head of an animal, body of a barbie doll. Pretty wicked, right? There are four Gorgeous Creatures, a pig, a horse, a cow, and a hippo. You can collect 'em all! Maddy bought 5 at a garage sale, one of each animal, plus an extra pig, so she gave the pig to me. And she might be giving the horse to Savy, I think. Isn't it just SUPER creepy?



I am a bad bad blogger. I haven't posted in forever! 
In case you can't read that because my camera on this computer takes picture backwards like a mirror, it says GINGER. This girl at my school was making shirts that said ASIAN for all the asians at my school, and i was joking and said she should make me one that says ginger, (i was kidding, because people call me a ginger all the time and its annoying). But she made it! I am debating wether i should wear it to school. I don't want somebody to laugh at me. :(

Hm.... I was going to say something else but i forgot.


creatures of the deep

UNDERWATER PHOTO SHOOT! Me and Maddy have both wanted to do this for such a long time, and I finally got an underwater camera.
We also did a little vintage shopping, pictures will be up soon. Also, check out Maddy's blog for her underwater post! 


Versatile Blogger Award

This is for a blog award i got a looooong time ago from Meera. I forgot to post it. SORRY, MEERA!
Well, the rules for this award are to
1. write 7 interesting things about yourself. but im lazy, so i will do 3 random facts that I know you want to know about me.
2. give this award to 15 bloggers. 15 BLOGGERS?!?! What? No. I will award this to exactly 3. (3 is my lucky number today, have you noticed? It was on my fortune cookie! haha not really though.)

Here goes my random facts!
1. I am a redhead. Some people might say Ginger, but I find that as an offensive term. So don't call me that.
2. Some people might say i'm obsessed with nail polish. I wouldn't say obsessed... I just... collect it. Yeah. Every time a new nail polish collection comes out at Sephora, I have to get some. Just this year, I have collected at least 15 new bottles. I love it. I paint a new color every week.
3. Ok, heres the super weird, long, (random) one. When I was born, the doctors seriously thought I had down syndrome. Because I had most of the symptoms of a down syndrome new born baby. I had an unnaturally large head, and big spaces in between my toes. But I didn't have it, thank God. Down syndrome is nothing to joke about, and I really really feel bad for the kids that have to deal with that.

Thanks for listening to my 3 interesting facts! Here are the 3 amazing-full bloggers I award it to.

Madeline and Sophie
Katie's Corner

Thanks everyone!

It's dancing time, shake your tum.

~ Haley: Rodarte for Target dress, Anna: Urban Outfitters dress and Victorias Secret shirt, Megan: H&M cardigan, H&M shorts~
Photo shoot with Haley and Megan! Hahaha, this is what we do at sleepovers. Try on pretty clothes and take pictures. Hardy har har. 



Yesterday, my new clothes came from Johnnie B, Boden's juniors line.
Johnnie B scoop neck shirt, fancy button skirt, and pixie boots
Johnnie B long shirt and pixie boots, worn with Forever 21 jeans
Johnnie B pretty shirt and pixie boots, worn with Forever 21 jeans
Johnnie B double layer dress and pixie boots


Baq Paq

Today I ordered the most AMAZING backpack for back to school from Kipling. And get this. It comes with a MONKEY KEYCHAIN. How amazing is that? All of their backpacks come with monkey keychains.

I'm so excited.


The Unicorn Kids

Yesterday, me and Maddy went to the park and did a little photo shoot!
~ Joe Boxer crop top, Lilly Pullizer shorts, sock monkey lunch box, Ugly Doll Chunkanunka, thrifted sunglasses, my socks, Gap jelly sandals, Liberty of London hat~
~ Maddy's Paul Frank tank top, thrifted shorts, thrifted Steve Madden shoes, Maddy's Lucky Brand jacket, and Maddy's vintage barbie doll~

I leave you today with a squirrel nut zipper.

Have a rape free day.