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Versatile Blogger Award

This is for a blog award i got a looooong time ago from Meera. I forgot to post it. SORRY, MEERA!
Well, the rules for this award are to
1. write 7 interesting things about yourself. but im lazy, so i will do 3 random facts that I know you want to know about me.
2. give this award to 15 bloggers. 15 BLOGGERS?!?! What? No. I will award this to exactly 3. (3 is my lucky number today, have you noticed? It was on my fortune cookie! haha not really though.)

Here goes my random facts!
1. I am a redhead. Some people might say Ginger, but I find that as an offensive term. So don't call me that.
2. Some people might say i'm obsessed with nail polish. I wouldn't say obsessed... I just... collect it. Yeah. Every time a new nail polish collection comes out at Sephora, I have to get some. Just this year, I have collected at least 15 new bottles. I love it. I paint a new color every week.
3. Ok, heres the super weird, long, (random) one. When I was born, the doctors seriously thought I had down syndrome. Because I had most of the symptoms of a down syndrome new born baby. I had an unnaturally large head, and big spaces in between my toes. But I didn't have it, thank God. Down syndrome is nothing to joke about, and I really really feel bad for the kids that have to deal with that.

Thanks for listening to my 3 interesting facts! Here are the 3 amazing-full bloggers I award it to.

Madeline and Sophie
Katie's Corner

Thanks everyone!


  1. Thank you for the lovely award!
    You are too sweet :)

  2. you have such a lovely blog!!


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