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skin baby

so hey i havent posted in months and im sorry okay? OKAY?
okay so yeah.
i have been peer pressured into posting by savy and maddy. but anyways.
my friend meera and me both got our ears peirced today. hers for the first time and i got mine peirced a second time. i am loving them.
yep, its mah ear. mhmmm.

so anyway, i went shopping with maddy today and we got some pretty wicked stuff. pictures will be up soon, and also of the beautiful SNOWW on the ground here in the ATL. this is a pretty big deal for us Georgians, we never get snow. and plus school is canceled. YAY FOR SNOWWW!!!

the deal with the title, "skin baby". Maddy has informed me that she had a dream last night that composed of a hobo that looked like snoop dogg came to her back yard and threw this weird wrinkly doll thing made of skin at her. it looks like this:

quite disturbing, really. well, goodbye then!


  1. postaliocuios!
    its me maddy
    love you

  2. I kind of want a nose piercing... You have inspired me! Maddy told me of this as well! Can't wait to see your post!


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